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The Worries to Flourish Workshop is a wonderful, practical online program, walking you through the steps to take control of your thinking and time, so that you can become a calmer version of yourself with a clear vision of what really matters in your life.

COVID has added a huge amount of stress to our daily lives and as our contribution to building our lives back up, we are providing this wonderful workshop at a hugely discounted rate today of NZ$47 ($247NZ).

The Workshop can be completed over a 3-6 week period, or at your own pace.

In The Worries to Flourish Workshop you will cover:

Time and Busyness – you will work out what you are spending your time on and what may serve you better.

Defining what Happiness really means to you – if you are too busy thinking and mindlessly doing you may never have stepped back and worked out what really makes you happy.

Noticing – how do you really feel, what situations have strong emotional impacts on you, can you change how you react to these?

Dumping your worries – yes we will be addressing all your worries head on!

Worry Management – worrying is actually OK (yes!), as long as you manage your worrying. We will take you through some easy practices, tips and hints to allow you to manage your overthinking and worrying PLUS give you exercises that will make you feel good!

Mindfulness – no ‘overthinking’ workshop is complete without a section on mindfulness. We will cover what mindfulness is and give you some practical exercises to try. As a bonus we will talk your through the CBT model and give you an exercise to challenge your thinking!

You will also be encouraged to reflect on the things that are important to you and the steps you can take towards achieving your goals.

When you register you are warmly invited to join the Private Facebook Group ‘The Happy Way’.

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See you inside soon.

Inge x

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